Odhikar condemns Amar Desh shutdown, Mahmudur Rahman’s arrest

>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Source: http://www.unbconnect.com/component/news/task-show/id-22193

Dhaka, June 2 (UNB)-Odhikar, a leading rights group, Wednesday condemned the cancelled the declaration of daily Amar Desh and arrest of its acting editor Mahmudur Rahman.

A joint statement signed by Farhad Mazhar and Adilur Rahman Khan, Adviser and Secretary respectively of the watchdog, said Odhikar is gravely concerned over the way the case was filed against Mahmudur Rahman and the use of coercive method and terror to seal the daily’s press.

The process of arrest of Mahmudur Rahman will only add to the continuation of the suppression of the media by the State, the statement said.

Odhikar demanded immediate release of Mahmudur Rahman and resumption of publication of the daily as per the Constitution that has granted the freedom of expression.

Odhikar said Amar Desh was critical of violation of human rights and the government inactions in curbing human rights violations.

The daily also questioned some irregular activities carried out by some government officials, the statement said.

“We are also deeply concerned that till writing of this report (11:45 AM), the whereabouts of Mahmudur Rahman were unknown,” the statement said.


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